Planned break

Preparation is important when planning to follow a total diet replacement (TDR), however, we recognise that there are times when the unexpected may happen. We do not recommend taking breaks during the first 12 weeks of the programme (during the TDR) because this may:

  • Increase symptoms associated with high blood glucose levels when stopping TDR e.g. frequent urination, thirst, tiredness
  • Increase the chances of experiencing the side effects of TDR when re-starting TDR e.g. hunger, tiredness, headaches, cramps, nausea
  • Reduce your overall chances of success with the programme.

We encourage you to choose a time where it will be the most convenient for you to complete the TDR without disruption. However, life can be unpredictable, and we recognise that there are circumstances where it may be more difficult to stay on track.

Examples of situations where it may be more challenging to follow the TDR:

  • Very special occasions/celebrations (weddings/birthdays/anniversaries)
  • Unplanned events e.g. bereavement, a sudden change in circumstances
  • Life changes e.g. Moving accommodation, changing jobs/ work style, changes in family

You may decide in some situations that the most appropriate thing to do is to take a temporary break from TDR. This is not considered a failure, but it is important to consider it carefully. Many people find re-starting the TDR phase after a break the most difficult, so planning a break in detail can help you to continue and to achieve your goals.

Top Tips for before a planned break:

  • Think about why you are planning a break, and if there are other options
  • Consider how long your break will last
  • Consider carefully what you will eat on your break – plan your meals
  • Think about when you will re-start your TDR and what it will look like – set a date and time
  • Think about who will support you through your planned break e.g. friends/ family members
  • Think about how you will manage hunger (you may have not experienced this on TDR)

Top Tips for during a planned break:

  • Make sure you drink enough sugar-free/ diet/ zero fluids
  • Maintain your activity levels
  • Think about the tools you have learnt in your online learning

Tops Tips for re-starting TDR after a planned break:

  • Make sure you have enough supplements for re-starting
  • Prepare yourself for possible side-effects (remember that they are only temporary)
  • Consider re-starting when you have a few days to focus on yourself

If you find you are not able to re-start TDR after your planned break then you may want to consider the ‘Exit Plan’ which can be found in your Personalised Action Plan.

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