Responsible business

Xyla exists to improve people’s lives and ease the demand on the health system. We do this through a commitment to responsible business for the people we work for, the people we work with, and those who work for us. 

As a leading healthcare delivery provider, we also recognise our impact on the planet. We are proactive in our efforts to do our bit in addressing the global climate crisis, contributing to a healthy future for everyone. By committing to achieving net zero by 2040, our aim is to improve the sustainability of the healthcare system. 

Xyla is part of Acacium Group 

Acacium Group has a global footprint that touches millions of people’s lives through the services we deliver. Whether expanding access to care, solving our clients’ complex workforce challenges, or giving back through our community investment programmes, we strive to increase the sustainability of the global healthcare system. 

Xyla is a trading name of ICS Operations Ltd (Registered No 4793945), Pulse Healthcare Limited (Registered No 3156103), Carehome Selection Limited (Registered No 3091598), Independent Clinical Services Limited (Registered No 4768329) and CHS Healthcare Software Limited (Registered No 11582111)