Integrated services for better healthcare journeys

Help your patients avoid hospital or accelerate them safely through it, with specialist support in their community or homes, whenever needed. Our intelligently integrated patient flow and prevention services improve people’s lives and ease demand on the health system.

Alleviate demand on the health system

From community programmes that improve health and wellbeing, to care in the home and conveniently located centres for diagnostics and elective care, Xyla enhances access to healthcare and reduces the need for hospitalisation.

Integrated solutions

Deliver a smoother patient experience with intelligent patient flow, resulting in better health outcomes and increased productivity across the UK’s healthcare systems.

Patient first approach

Put the patient at the heart of effective care delivery, with data-driven insights that build service excellence through continuous improvement

Workforce specialist

Create unrivalled capability in patient care through cohesive workflow and increased capacity, underpinned by robust clinical governance.

About Xyla

Xyla’s integrated healthcare services improve people’s lives and alleviate demands on the UK’s healthcare systems. Our breadth of experience and expertise creates unrivalled capability in patient care, providing you with a more cohesive workflow and increased capacity.

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Xyla is made up of a passionate team of industry leaders committed to improving people’s lives and easing the demand on the health system. As a valued member of our team, you’ll play an active role in increasing the sustainability of our healthcare system. In return, you’ll receive competitive pay, a great work-life balance, and opportunities for learning development and professional growth.

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Xyla is a trading name of ICS Operations Ltd (Registered No 4793945), Pulse Healthcare Limited (Registered No 3156103), Carehome Selection Limited (Registered No 3091598), Independent Clinical Services Limited (Registered No 4768329) and CHS Healthcare Software Limited (Registered No 11582111)