Audit and advisory services

As a trusted partner to the NHS, our audit advisory services specialise in patient flow optimisation and reducing length of patient stay.

We recognise the intricacies of the patient flow process and excel in creating capacity by addressing blockages within hospital discharge processes and identifying inefficiencies throughout a patient’s journey.  Our patient flow advisory service is meticulously designed to enhance productivity and patient outcomes across three key areas

Our audit and advisory services offering

Service delivery model redesign

Process improvements

Performance enhancement

Our dedicated teams engage in a range of activities, including market, industry, and Trust research, information analysis, what-if modelling, benchmarking, and solutions identification. We collaborate closely with Trust leads and wider healthcare partners, employing data collation, ‘Day in a life’ activities, and observational analysis to drive meaningful change. Additionally, our services encompass financial assurance and case file audits, ensuring comprehensive support in optimising your healthcare operations. 

Financial assurance

Xyla offers dedicated Financial Assurance and Care Audit support to ICBs, Care Providers, and NHS SBS finance teams.

Our team is committed to enhancing the quality of your data, fostering collaborative relationships within the community, and assisting HB administrative teams in maintaining robust connections with local Care Providers.

Case file audits

Case file audits play a crucial role in ensuring transparency, accountability, and quality in service provision while safeguarding the interests of clients or patients and the organisation as a whole. 

Xyla excels in conducting vital case file audits across a broad spectrum of cases. Regardless of complexity, our team possesses the expertise to assess each case to exacting standards and within optimal timeframes. Our proficient quality assurance leads employ a strategic methodology to thoroughly review an individual’s documented journey from inception to conclusion, encompassing case notes, assessments, and referrals with precision. 

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For tailored solutions and expert guidance in audit and advisory services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive support, ensuring your organisation navigates regulatory requirements and achieves its objectives seamlessly.

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