Supported discharge

Our supported discharge service offers a comprehensive solution aimed at expediting the transition from hospital to home or the appropriate care setting. With a focus on patient-centred care, we prioritise the individual needs and preferences of each person under our care.

How our supported discharge service works

Through personalised, short-term interventions, we facilitate a swift and seamless discharge process, ensuring patients can return to familiar surroundings as soon as possible. This end-to-end intermediate care solution not only streamlines the discharge process but also enables your own service delivery under our CQC registration.

Our team comprises skilled nurses, dedicated support workers, efficient health coordinators, and experienced managers, all equipped with the necessary tools and resources to facilitate smooth transitions. From rostering to training and day-to-day management, we handle every aspect of the discharge process with professionalism and efficiency, allowing healthcare providers to focus on delivering exceptional care with confidence. 


Tailored care solutions for individual needs

We work with you to create a model to deliver intermediate care aligned to a patient’s specific needs. Through close collaboration with you, our dedicated team of healthcare professionals creates a bespoke care plan designed to address the unique needs and preferences of each individual. We take into account factors such as medical history, current health status, personal circumstances, and treatment goals to develop a comprehensive model of care.


Seamless transitions ensuring safe discharges into specialised care

We work with your acute discharge and care teams to facilitate a safe, timely discharge into our care. From initial planning to execution, our team is dedicated to facilitating a smooth transition, allowing patients to seamlessly continue their journey towards recovery with us.


Personalised recovery providing care for a smooth return home

We deliver bespoke, high-quality care to meet a patient’s needs, enabling them to return to their home appropriate care setting.

Contact our supported discharge team

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