Affiliated companies

Located within the European Economic Area

Accident and Emergency Limited

Frontline Staffing Limited

Trading as:

  • Frontline Nursing
  • Frontline Social Work

General Medicine Group Limited

GP World Limited

Health Personnel Solutions Limited

Hobson Prior International Limited

Hobson Prior Europe GMBH

Xyla Ingage Limited

Xyla Operations Limited

Trading as:

  • Xyla Health and Social Services
  • Xyla Diagnostics
  • Xyla Digital Therapies
  • Xyla Elective Care

Independent Clinical Services Limited

Trading as:

  • Scottish Nursing Guild
  • Thornbury Community Services
  • Thornbury Nursing Services

Liquid Personnel Limited

Maxxima Limited

Pathology Group Limited

ProClinical Limited

ProClinical AG (Switzerland)

ProClinical GmBh (Germany)

Pulse Healthcare Limited

Trading as:

  • Bank Partners
  • Espirita
  • Xyla Health & Wellbeing
  • Pulse Allied Health Professionals
  • Pulse Doctors
  • Pulse Health Science Services
  • Pulse Nursing
  • Pulse Nursing at Home
  • Pulse Psychiatry
  • Pulse Psychological Therapies
  • Pulse Social Work

Surgical People Limited

Titan Recruitment Solutions

Locations Outside of the EEA

ProClinical Staffing Inc (USA))

Xyla US Healthcare Staffing LLC t/a/ Thornbury Nursing Services (USA)

ProClinical Pte Ltd (Singapore)

ProClinical Consultancy (Shanghai)

Company LimitedProClinical K.K (Japan)

Pulse Staffing Australia Pty Limited

Trading as:

  • Pulse Child Care Crew
  • ProClinical (Australia)
  • Pulse Nursing

Xyla is a trading name of ICS Operations Ltd (Registered No 4793945), Pulse Healthcare Limited (Registered No 3156103), Carehome Selection Limited (Registered No 3091598), Independent Clinical Services Limited (Registered No 4768329) and CHS Healthcare Software Limited (Registered No 11582111)