Community Placement Service: Northern council

Published 18 June, 2024


Xyla were first commissioned in 2018 by a Northern council to help alleviate patient flow pressures within a teaching hospitals trust. Building on the success with the council, Xyla were further commissioned in December 2022 to support the council’s Community Wellbeing Teams during winter pressures.

Xyla was tasked to reduce admissions to hospital where possible, by supporting care homes with our admission avoidance service. Where admission was unavoidable, Xyla would offer further support in the placement of patients into care homes or appropriate care settings.

Prior to Xyla’s dedicated resource and support, this process fell to the social workers and care coordinators within the Community Wellbeing Teams, taking a significant amount of time and resource that could be utilised elsewhere. Due to the positive impact we have had, we are delighted that the Community Placement Service has since been extended.

Our approach

Xyla receive referrals from seven Community Wellbeing Teams associated with the client. Xyla allocated the same team from previous projects with the client to ensure familiarity, consistency of process, and to allow for a quick mobilisation.

Xyla support the Community Wellbeing Teams by ensuring a timely and efficient process for those requiring a step up in care either from their own home or place of residency in a care home. Our team take the administrative burden from social workers and care coordinators, enabling them to focus on completing more assessments and supporting more individuals in the community. We facilitated a number of placements for all funding types such as social services funded, self-funders, Section 117, learning disability, and funded nursing care (FNC).

Due to overwhelming strain on the system, a key focus for us was to prevent admissions to the acute. Utlising technology to track and feedback the progress of each case (including bespoke analytic data for system partners to report to executive board meetings) as well as signposting to appropriate community services/support, we were able to significantly relieve pressures.


We’re delighted that our dedicated resource has had a measurable, positive impact for the council; by reducing administrative burdens and freeing up social worker time we were able to eliminate unnecessary admissions to hospital.

Through our bespoke internal database, we are able to record and report on daily activity inputted on each service user’s case by our Care Liaison Advisors. Based on our activities, we were able to demonstrate a significant saving in social work time by removing the burden of such admin from the Community and Wellbeing teams, freeing up their resource.

Prior to Xyla’s involvement, the time taken to source appropriate care and place a patient was approx. 10 days. Xyla were able to demonstrate that this could be achieved in under 5 days as part of our contracted KPIs.

Speed of Service

(time taken by Xyla from referral to admission): 4 days 5 hours completing 181 placements (19th December 2022 – 31st December 2023)

Activities completed

Total number of activities completed 26,730 and an average of 93 coordination activities were undertaken per referral by the Xyla team. Equating to 1,043 hours saved in social work time (1st January 2023 – 31st December 2023).

Top rated service

92% of people agree that our service is excellent or very good.

Highly recommended

96% of service users said that they would recommend this service to family or friends


“I had one gentleman with a complex diagnosis that I know homes do not usually accept however, Xyla managed to find 3 homes within a couple of weeks that identified they could meet his needs.
More recently I have had a case where a home had served notice on a gentleman due to behaviours and again within a short time Xyla identified a home and he moved and is now really settled.
As a team we would previously ring round multiple homes, sometimes up to 30-40 homes a day to source vacancies for service users however now we have Xyla, it takes away a lot of pressures that we were under and we can now focus on the other tasks that need to be completed.
I really feel Xyla is so valuable to our roles and making our roles more manageable.”

Community Social Worker

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