Diabetes Management

Join us in empowering people to lead healthier, longer lives

Our dynamic six-week diabetes awareness programme provides a journey towards better health. Designed to empower individuals with actionable knowledge, our trained health coaches provide diabetes and lifestyle information alongside the practical skills needed to effectively self-manage diabetes. Our course provides achievable advice, equipping patients with the tools they need to manage their Type 2 diabetes effectively. From diet plans and nutritious recipes and low-carb meal options, we offer comprehensive support tailored to individual needs.  

Our licensed diabetes management programmes are complete with delivery resources, staff training, and ongoing support to healthcare providers. Whether in face-to-face sessions or via remote access through user-friendly apps and phone consultations, our programme ensures accessibility and flexibility for all participants.  

At the heart of our mission is a genuine concern for people’s health and well-being. As a trusted partner of both the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme and Type 2 Diabetes Path to Remission Programme, we are committed to delivering lasting results through a compassionate and clinically informed approach.   

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