Section 117 Support

Xyla offers a comprehensive assessment service designed to ensure your plans are up to date in supporting individuals. As a trusted and independent partner, we prioritise meeting the individual’s needs while ensuring equitable cost distribution.

Our support extends to ICSs, NHS trusts, and local authorities, facilitating the review of existing section 117 care plans. Through this process, we ensure efficient resource allocation, alignment with clinical requirements, and address out-of-area placements as needed. 

Our service guarantees:

Safety and compassionate care for all individuals

Resource optimisation tailored to current clinical needs

Equitable cost distribution through thorough procurement review

Timely mechanisms are in place to bring out-of-area patients home as soon as possible

Why us?

Our services offer a comprehensive solution benefiting individuals, health and care providers, as well as commissioners alike. 

For individuals

Accessing the appropriate care and support package is essential, facilitating a speedier return home for those placed out of area. This ensures their needs are met effectively.

For health and care providers

This translates into freed-up resources that can be repurposed efficiently, reducing the necessity for out-of-area placements and expediting patient flow within the system.

For commissioners

Proactive cost management strategies can be implemented, ensuring an equitable distribution of costs and ultimately achieving better value for money across the board.

Get in touch with our team

If you require assistance regarding section 117 care plan reviews, feel free to get in touch with us. Our committed team is available to offer personalised and thorough support which we can adapt to suit your requirements.

Xyla is a trading name of ICS Operations Ltd (Registered No 4793945), Pulse Healthcare Limited (Registered No 3156103), Carehome Selection Limited (Registered No 3091598), Independent Clinical Services Limited (Registered No 4768329) and CHS Healthcare Software Limited (Registered No 11582111)