Mid-Sussex Wellbeing Programme FAQs

Where can I get app support?

Please see the Wellbeing way Help/FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions) in the ‘More’ section of your Wellbeing Way app or click here

How do I update my weight?

Please head to your ‘health tracker’ tile within the App, within the weight section you will see ‘View Progress’ + Latest measurement required’.

I’m having issues updating my weight, who do I contact?

Please email our Support Team on mywellbeingway.support@xylaservices.com

How frequently should I take my weight?

If you goal is wright loss / management, weigh yourself weekly and log that weight in your ‘Health Tracker’. This will help you to track your progress and achievements. If possible, try to weigh yourself at the same day and time each week.

Can I skip an online module?

Try to think of your online modules as the pieces of a puzzle, having all the pieces makes for a much clearer picture! We recommend you work through all online modules; they have been created with you in mind and are your steppingstones to success.

What if my mobile number changes?

No problem, just email: mywellbeingway.support@xylaservices.com and we can update it for you.

I have additional support needs, can I still take part in the programme?

Yes you can, please read our accessibility statement here

What should I do once the 12 weeks are over?

Congratulate yourself for completing a massive step towards a healthier lifestyle! So, what to do next? Keep going! Try to keep up with the positive changes you have made, there will be bumps in the road but use the new strategies in your toolkit to help get you back on track. Continue working on your goals, monitor your progress and try to focus on creating helpful habits.

Will I still have access to Wellbeing Way after my 12 weeks?

Once you have successfully completed your 12-week Wellbeing Way journey, you have the option to gain permanent access to the Wellbeing Way app.

Although you will have completed all your sessions, there are still plenty of ways that you can continue on your journey with us, including…

  • Online learning: all of your online learning will stay unlocked so you can go back and redo any previous modules
  • Health tracker: continue to monitor your progress and achievements by adding new readings and reflect on how far you’ve come with continued access to any readings already input in the app
  • Resources: you will still be able to access all resources and recipes to help you continue on your journey

You will be notified when you complete your course on how to get continued access. As a result of continued access, we have updated our privacy policy which can be viewed here.

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