Pre-employment screening process

Scope and overview 

As you may be aware, before we are able to place you on assignment, and before your engagement with us commences, we carry out certain pre-employment checks to verify that each candidate has in place all relevant qualifications and accreditations and that the candidate meets our requirements in terms of any required compliance checks.

Required compliance checks

  • As part of the pre-employment checking process, we are required to carry out the following pre-employment compliance checks:
  • DBS/criminal record checks
  • Occupational health checks
  • Right to work in the UK
  • Identification checks
  • CV/employment history
  • References history
  • Appraisal history
  • Qualifications
  • Professional registration (if appl. to your profession)
  • Interview

Evidence of relevant training/competency

In addition to the above compliance checks, we require candidates in your specialism to provide evidence of completed training, or otherwise evidence of competence in, the areas listed below:

  • Basic life support (and paediatric life support) Moving and handling/manual handling Counter fraud Equality and diversity Suicide prevention
  • SOVA level 3 Conflict Resolution PMVA
  • Health and safety (incl. COSHH, RIDDOR, fire safety, HandS legislation, infection control, hand hygiene, sharps, risk assessment, lone workers, managing work-related stress, information governance, data protection, handling complaints)
  • Documentation Training*
  • Information Security Management*
  • Information governance*

*This module will be required, dependent on your profession

If you already have evidence of past training/competence in the areas set out above, please provide us with copies of your certificates/course details in order that we can verify these.

Without evidence of completed training (or otherwise evidence of competence) in the areas set out above we are unfortunately unable to place you on assignment with clients. However, if you do not have evidence of past training/competence in the areas set out above (or if your certificates/evidence are out of date), we run regular workshops to assist candidates to obtain the certification needed. Your recruitment consultant can provide you with further information about these workshops.

The purpose of the workshop is to provide a convenient opportunity for candidates to obtain certification in the training/competency areas set out above. If you choose to attend a workshop at one of our centresd, your recruitment consultant can also meet with you during the workshop to complete any outstanding pre-employment compliance documentation that may be required and interviews if these have not already been completed.

Please note that attendance at the workshop is entirely voluntary and you are not required to attend any workshop if you do not wish to do so. You may instead choose to obtain evidence of training/competency through alternative means or with an alternative provider if you prefer. If you opt to use an alternative provider, please provide us with copies of your certificates once you have obtained these in order that we can verify these.

Please note that however you choose to obtain evidence of training/competence in the above listed areas, you will not meet the eligibility and suitability criteria to be offered engagement with us, or to be placed on assignment with any of our clients until you have provided us with the required evidence and you have satisfactorily passed all other pre-employment checks.

Next steps following completion of pre-employment screening

Once you have successfully passed the pre-employment checks and screening process, we will be in touch to discuss next steps with you. You will also be provided with a copy of the overarching agreement setting out the terms between you and Xyla.

Please note that your engagement with us will not commence (and you are not our worker or employee), and nothing is binding on either of us unless and until: (i) we are satisfied that you have met all pre-employment checks and eligibility requirements (including but not limited to checking that you have appropriate evidence of training/competence in the areas set out above); and (ii) you are provided with, and have agreed to enter into, an engagement agreement. Assuming that the above conditions are met, your engagement with us will commence on the first day of the first client assignment that we send you on.

If you have any questions in relation to any of this information, please contact a member of the Xyla team.

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