Module summary 7: Your food toolkit

Planning your meals, even if you do not prepare them yourself, can help you make intentional choices to stay on track.

When planning your meals, follow these simple steps to create well balanced meals: 

  • Choose your protein source e.g., chicken, fish, soya protein, egg, tofu or lentils
  • Choose a wholegrain carbohydrate e.g., wholegrain rice, pasta or bulgur wheat
  • Choose seasonal vegetables or salad   
  • Identify or add a source of healthy fats e.g., olive oil, oily fish (mackerel/salmon/sardines/trout), nuts, avocado or pumpkin seeds)

Food labels can help you make healthier choices as they contain lots of useful information. 

Healthy swaps are one way in which to help you enjoy your food without feeling restricted.

Swaps could mean different ways of cooking, swapping entire meals or adapting recipes.