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Shift booking for supply chain

  • Availability: Agency consultant to request availability
  • Complete: Submit relevant documents and complete compliance process
  • Booking: The booking team will book you according to the available service
  • Confirmation: Placement confirmation received (Emal and Phone confirmation with all details of the shift, Timings and travel recommendations, uniform, badge, and tips you may need before your shift)
  • Documentation: Clinic site documentation received and reviewed.
  • Courtesy Call: A call from our booking team to answer any questions you may have.

All supply chain candidates will receive an email of the shift details and who to report to on that day, they will so receive a call from the Lead Nurse who will run through all the shift details, what the patient list is looking like and which DRs are working. If there is any equipment that will be needed during their shift, a little brief about them and an overall welfare check.

All candidates before their shifts will be given a Shift Tips document which they could read and that document has who they can contact if the team if required e.g. a name, contact number and email, and if an emergency occurs on shifts what steps they should take

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