Occupational therapy and physiotherapy assessments

Xyla’s comprehensive occupational therapy and physiotherapy assessment service offers experienced teams dedicated to identifying the practical support needed to empower individuals to regain maximum independence and minimise reliance on formal services.  

Our occupational therapy and physiotherapy assessments services

Our range of services includes minor occupational therapy assessments, such as moving and handling assessments, as well as major occupational therapy assessments, physiotherapy assessments, and follow-up assessments.

Occupational therapy assessments

Occupational therapy assessments are essential tools used to identify specific challenges and opportunities for improvement in an individual’s daily functioning.
These range from minor assessments such as ordering equipment like handrails for an individuals home, to major assessments for things like a disabled facilities grant (DFG), discharge grants, and implementing major adaptations to a home.
Our team of skilled occupational therapists conducts comprehensive assessments, considering factors such as physical, cognitive, emotional, and environmental influences on occupational performance.

Physiotherapy assessments

Physiotherapy assessments are fundamental steps in understanding an individual’s physical health, functional abilities, and areas of improvement. Our skilled physiotherapists conduct comprehensive evaluations, examining factors such as mobility, strength, flexibility, and pain levels. By utilising specialised tests and observation techniques, we gain insights into the unique needs and goals of each individual. These assessments serve as the foundation for personalised treatment plans tailored to optimise movement, alleviate pain, and enhance overall well-being.

Follow up assessments

Follow-up assessments are essential components of the care process, providing opportunities to monitor progress, adjust interventions, and address evolving needs. Our dedicated team conducts thorough follow-up assessments, revisiting goals, and reassessing functional abilities to track improvements and identify any areas requiring further attention. Through open communication and collaboration with the service user, we tailor our follow-up assessments to address their specific goals and concerns, fostering a proactive approach to care.

Equipment and moving & handling reviews

In occupational therapy, a fundamental aspect revolves around equipment and moving and handling techniques, crucial for enhancing individuals’ independence and safety in daily activities.

Every 12 months a review on equipment provision and moving and handling is required. The occupational therapists assess the individuals abilities and environmental factors to recommend the most suitable equipment and techniques tailored to their needs to ensure that the relevant measures are still in place and if any adjustments need to be made.

The role of occupational therapy:

Occupational therapy plays a vital role in addressing diverse physical, psychological, and social challenges for clients, contributing significantly to holistic health and wellbeing.

We effectively reduce waiting lists on a personalised basis. We specialise in community rehabilitation, empowering individuals to maximise their independence, and implementing effective falls prevention measures. 

Our customised occupational therapy assessments services deliver a multitude of benefits:

  • Guaranteed timescales and acceptable rates: With over 10,233 assessments completed by our nationwide teams, with a proven track record average turnaround time of just 22 days
  • Substantially reduce or eliminate waiting lists 
  • Foster independence, re-ablement, and rehabilitation for clients 
  • Decrease waiting times across regions 
  • Alleviate hospital delays and discharges 
  • Prevent avoidable admissions 
  • Fixed, per-assessment pricing: We establish clear volumes of cases, timescales, and processes upfront, ensuring a flat-fee price per assessment, allowing you to budget effectively 

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