Learning by Death Reviews

Xyla employs a comprehensive approach to overcome the challenges of delivering Learning by Death Reviews (LeDeR), focusing on streamlining processes, ensuring quality, and maintaining sensitivity and engagement to help you drive improvements in healthcare provision for people with learning disabilities in your community.

Xyla employs a comprehensive and effective approach to overcome the challenges of delivering Learning by Death Reviews (LeDeR), focusing on streamlining processes, ensuring quality, and maintaining sensitivity and engagement.

Why choose Xyla to assist with Learning by Death Reviews?

Xyla stands as one of the largest longstanding service providers of LeDeR Reviews in the UK. Our approach ensures that we will provide timely high quality administrative and clinical support in the completion of the LeDeR review process within agreed timeframes. Our approach focuses on 7 core principles:

Centralised coordination

Our expert team acts as the single access point for the LeDeR programme, streamlining communication and evidence collection, thus enhancing data quality and accessibility.

Skilled case managers

With case managers from diverse health and social care backgrounds, Xyla ensures expertly conducted reviews, addressing training and expertise needs.

Senior quality management support

Our senior quality management team guarantees high standards across reviews, efficiently allocating resources to overcome constraints.

Collaboration with local authorities and ICBs

We work in partnership with local authorities and Integrated Care Boards to foster a cooperative review process, ensuring stakeholder commitment. We have worked with over 20 ICBs, delivering LeDeR services to 4 ICBs to date.

Family-centric approach

Xyla prioritises families in the review process, offering compassionate and respectful engagement and managing sensitivity and emotional impacts. 

Comprehensive evidence review

A thorough investigation of evidence tackles systemic issues and identifies improvements, crucial for enhancing healthcare for people with learning disabilities. 

Promotion of awareness and engagement

Through direct family contact and partnerships with healthcare entities, we promote awareness and engagement with the LeDeR programme, improving reporting and participation. 

What is Learning by Death Reviews?

LeDeR is a national service improvement programme that aims to improve care, reduce health inequalities and prevent premature mortality for people with a learning disability and autistic people.

For further information on what LeDeR is, view the below pack from NHS England

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Xyla can support ICB’s to investigate, retrospectively that the correct care was provided for some of the most vulnerable people in our communities.

Client testimonial

It’s been really useful to work with you (Ylas) you have provided a good balance of positive practice as well as highlighting any issues within the review. I think you have managed to balance the families concerns with the evidence obtained throughout the the review to allow an accurate reflecyoion of all sides. 
This is the first time I have worked with a reviewer outside the NHS but you have made it very easy to discuss the amendments to the review and make necessary changes – thank you for this.

LeDeR Local Area Controller

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