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Xyla delivers excellence in data management and control within the continuing healthcare sector.

For more than two decades, we’ve spent time refining and enhancing our software solutions to developing and refining cutting-edge software solutions to meet the intricate demands of the NHS in an evolving healthcare landscape.

Why choose Xyla to assist with data management solutions?

Xyla offer industry leading data management systems, Caretrack and Broadcare to house client data to enhance patient data management.

About Caretrack

Caretrack is a database designed for the management of people with continuing healthcare, funded nursing care and complex mental health funding. It was developed specifically for this purpose, with continuous development ever since, giving ICBs confidence in their data quality, visibility of all patients and control. Caretrack is commissioned by NHS England.

User support is provided by our in-house Caretrack Help Desk team, who can be directly contacted through out the working week and whose services are highly regarded. Regular user forums take place and in response to feedback, Caretrack has a unique dashboard feature, allowing users to choose the tiles which are most relevant to their role.

This provides users with key live information as soon as they log on.

Caretrack features

All fields on Caretrack are reportable, enabling you to collect and store every piece of data and item of information relating to patients with continuing healthcare, funded nursing care and complex metal health funding.

The database is fully secure and NHS digital toolkit compliant. There are different levels of access, so staff only see the information relevant to their role. These access levels can be completely bespoke to each ICB. Caretrack is a web-based system, so staff can input on the database when working remotely wherever they have internet access or mobile data network

This means there are no hardware requirements for your trust, nor any requirement for integration with other local software systems.

Control, quality and savings

Caretrack is a highly intuitive and user friendly, including for people with minimal IT skills and training. This is very important because your data quality depends on your staff being competent and confident with your database.

High data quality and control are known to produce very significant savings: we have consistently achieved savings of five per cent of annual domiciliary care budgets by verifying invoices against actual care provided

The reporting capacity of Caretrack is recognised as being a key strength and is essential, with all ICBs facing considerable reporting requirements.

Caretrack will support your ICB to meet new Quality Framework requirements: key chronological points are monitored (checklist to DST within 28 days, reviews at three and 12 months) and reminders set to support your operational management of patients

There is capacity for 66 different types of report which can be run on Caretrack, easily and quickly, including ad hoc reports to meet individual requirements.

Caretrack: enhanced services

ICBs can purchase Caretrack on a licence fee only basis and maintain all management in-house. Alternatively, these enhanced services can be commissioned as required:

Data cleanse
We have a long established and continuously developed database, Caretrack for all continuing health care and complex information. We also offer enhanced services, in combination with Caretrack, to optimise your data management and control.

Data management and scrutiny
Our staff contacting care providers each week to validate invoices match actual care delivered. By identifying discrepancies, which frequently occur, we produce savings of at least five per cent of CHC care fees, amounting to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Payment of invoices
Combined with data management and scrutiny, after all invoices have been validated, we pay care providers on the ICB’s behalf. Integrated processes within Caretrack mean invoices cannot be paid until they are validated.

About Broadcare

BroadCare is a software platform specifically designed for organisations managing NHS-funded continuing healthcare. It is being used extensively by Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) and Commissioning Support Units (CSUs) across the country, primarily to manage patients, care and payments associated with continuing healthcare and a wide array of care categories including mental health and children’s continuing care.

Easy to use

BroadCare makes data collection, storage and retrieval quick and easy, even for users with minimal IT experience. The software incorporates more than 50 standard reports and a fully customisable reporting tool, supporting NHS England and NHS Wales mandatory reporting requirements. The system provides full case management functionality including actions, documentation and finance from payment schedules to care package reconciliation.

Delivers savings

The system delivers efficiency and cost savings, bringing together data from different locations, systems and formats to create a coherent view. Typically, through this, savings of up to ten per cent of the continuing healthcare budget are achieved.

Spine integration

The system is fully integrated with the NHSE Spine which means, when creating a patient record on the system, the user only needs to enter NHS number and a date of birth and that will correspond to the information about that patient which already exists on the Spine (for example, the name of their GP and all relevant health records).

This allows for the rapid and accurate recording of information at record creation within BroadCare. On a weekly basis, all data is checked against the Spine, so any deaths, for example, will automatically be recorded. In the event of a death, the package of care will be immediately closed, and any over-payment recouped on the next payment schedule. This can save two to three working days per month and a significant reduction in over-payments.

Work flow through the system

All patient data is recorded, tracked and audited at every stage from referral through to assessment and review, allowing comprehensive monitoring and reporting. Key chronological points are monitored, including 28-day breach, three-month and 12-month reviews, making sure departments keep on top of their recurrent demands, as well as incorporating all new referrals.

BroadCare incorporates comprehensive provider management which can be used for full contractual, financial and quality monitoring of all provider contracts. All provider data is routinely updated for the Care Quality Commission database.

Fully web-enabled

BroadCare is fully web-enabled, hosting all data on a compliant and secure NHS N3 environment within the UK. This provides safe, fully backed-up and mirrored data storage facilities for patient data, e-files, scanned paper files and all legacy needs.

The Funded Care Report

This is a user interface that pulls key information direct from the system that deals with specific NHSE criteria and indicators. Producing the report will automatically fill in the report that needs to be sent to NHSE. This is a fully automated process, which saves a very significant amount of time and equally, provides complete data assurance.

User support

We provide an in-house support service ensuring that during office hours users can always access expert system advice and guidance. Customer support will provide regular data health checks and reports on all support tickets raised, providing valuable data on how teams are using the system to identify any gaps in their training needs. Every three months, we have service user forums which provide a valued opportunity to share knowledge and consider new functionality and demands.

Software solutions tailored to your needs 

Caretrack and BroadCare are our flagship products, each designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical commissioning groups across the UK. Recognised for their quality and reliability, these platforms are integral tools in streamlining operations and elevating patient care. 

Tailored support 

Understanding the critical nature of these services, you’ll have access to our in-house support teams. Our team is available during all office hours and on hand to answer any questions or concerns. 

Community engagement 

Caretrack and BroadCare users are invited to join regular forums. This is an opportunity to share your insights which support the software’s development to collectively push the boundaries of healthcare innovation. 

A comprehensive service suite

Xyla is uniquely positioned to offer a broad spectrum of services, consultancy, and educational resources. This integrated approach ensures our you have the knowledge and tools for success. 

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