Data management

Xyla delivers excellence in data management and control within the continuing healthcare sector.

For more than two decades, we’ve spent time refining and enhancing our software solutions to developing and refining cutting-edge software solutions to meet the intricate demands of the NHS in an evolving healthcare landscape.

Why choose Xyla to assist with data management solutions?

Software solutions tailored to your needs 

Caretrack and BroadCare are our flagship products, each designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical commissioning groups across the UK. Recognised for their quality and reliability, these platforms are integral tools in streamlining operations and elevating patient care. 

Tailored support 

Understanding the critical nature of these services, you’ll have access to our in-house support teams. Our team is available during all office hours and on hand to answer any questions or concerns. 

Community engagement 

Caretrack and BroadCare users are invited to join regular forums. This is an opportunity to share your insights which support the software’s development to collectively push the boundaries of healthcare innovation. 

A comprehensive service suite

Xyla is uniquely positioned to offer a broad spectrum of services, consultancy, and educational resources. This integrated approach ensures our you have the knowledge and tools for success. 

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Partner with Xyla for cutting-edge data management and control in your continuing healthcare services.  

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