Mental health assessments

Our specialised service is committed to partnering with you in addressing the continually growing challenges in mental health services. We provide support in managing waitlists and optimising resource utilisation.

Through close collaboration with your teams, we efficiently address assessment backlogs, offering flexibility for you to maintain control over the entire case flow and retain decision-making authority in the diagnostic process.

Employing a collaborative and co-designed approach, we seamlessly integrate our service with your existing services. This creates a complementary pathway that enhances overall efficiency while prioritising the well-being of individuals awaiting neurodevelopment assessments.


Our neurodiversity service is dedicated to partnering with you to overcome these obstacles. We provide assistance in managing waitlists and maximising resource efficiency. Through close collaboration with your teams, we work together to address assessment backlogs effectively. Our approach offers flexibility, allowing you to maintain control over the entire case flow while retaining decision-making authority throughout the diagnostic process.

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Triage hubs

Xyla strengthens service capacity by offering comprehensive mental health triage support, empowering individuals to confidently navigate their care journey. Serving as the initial point of contact, our service ensures swift and efficient direction to the appropriate care within your organisation, acting as a gateway to both primary and secondary healthcare, consequently enhancing the overall effectiveness of care delivery.

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Section 117 support

Xyla offers a comprehensive assessment service designed to ensure your plans are up to date in supporting individuals. As a trusted and independent partner, we prioritise meeting the individual’s needs while ensuring equitable cost distribution.

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