Digital therapies for children and young people’s mental health

One in six young people experience mental health challenges. Help them get the support they need with Xyla’s digital therapy for children and young people’s mental health.

Digitally-enabled mental health support

Our cutting-edge and industry-standard digital platform offers remote counselling and therapy services tailored to 5–25-year-olds, available seven days a week. Designed to provide critical mental health support, our innovative platform allows children and young people to access therapy sessions at their convenience, anytime and anywhere, even after school or on weekends.

Empowering positive mental health

From tackling low mood and anxiety disorders to addressing behavioural difficulties and coping with common adversities like bullying and social media concerns, we’re here to support children and young people on their journey to better mental health. Our accredited mental health professionals can provide tailored support in the user’s preferred language, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for all.

Reducing waiting times, enhancing care

By leveraging our extensive pool of clinical staff, we can scale our services to support individuals on waiting lists, reducing wait times and ensuring timely access to treatment. Our comprehensive range of therapies, including low-intensity and parent-led CBT, counselling, high-intensity CBT, EMDR, and Brief Psychosocial Intervention (BPI), addresses a broad spectrum of mental health challenges faced by children and young people.

Flexible, scalable solutions

Working in partnership with mental health service providers, we collaborate with you to co-develop services that complement your local digital pathways. The service offers seamless integration with existing pathways, ensuring alignment and consistency across the service. Operating a pay-as-you-use model requires no upfront financial commitment, offering financial flexibility without compromising quality. You can trust our platform meets the highest quality and safety standards as a Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered service, providing peace of mind when recommending our services to patients.

“With Xyla’s help, our service has drastically reduced our waiting times overall during the last 12 months. We often struggle with recruitment issues, and Xyla is an effective resource to extend our clinical capacity. Their flexibility allows us to target specific pressure on our lists as it manifests.”  

Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

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