Virtual outpatient services 

Xyla delivers fully virtual outpatient services that are easily adaptable and accessible to primary and secondary care organisations. 

Increase workforce capacity to reduce pressure on acute services and drive better patient outcomes through virtual outpatient services. The flexibility of these services empowers healthcare professionals to deliver high-quality care directly to patients in their homes, ensuring efficient and effective healthcare delivery. 

Virtual outpatient services

Our virtual outpatient services can transform your services and come with a range of benefits, including:


Provides a capacity solution to alleviate current pressures on outpatient services


Increases patient access and reduces waiting times across most specialties


Reduces the incidence of clinical harm associated with long waits


Secures financial savings across the system


Enhances patient satisfaction


Improves patient outcomes

The service model

Service models

Offering the virtual outpatient service model with the community services model provides a comprehensive approach to healthcare delivery, catering to diverse patient needs and optimising resource utilisation in your organisation. Both models are supported by the appropriate number of face-to-face clinics to facilitate physical examination and diagnostic testing as appropriate. 

Community services model 

  • Xyla consultants oversee the entire patient pathway from referral to discharge. 
  • Redesigned services, once approved by the CCG, are accessible for referral by GPs via eRS or directly by patients through Choose & Book. 
  • Offers timely access to community and acute diagnostic services. 
  • Provides onward referral routes to secondary and tertiary care services. 

 Secondary care delivery partners 

  • Xyla consultants collaborate with acute trust clinicians to manage specific patient cohorts at designated points along their healthcare journey. 
  • Involves first or follow-up consultations, with or without diagnostic support from Xyla. 
  • Patients remain under the care of the trust’s consultant. 
  • Referrals are already accepted by the local trust, with Xyla offering additional clinical capacity to reduce patient waiting times. 

How could virtual outpatient transform your services?

If you’d like to discuss the impact virtual outpatient services could have in your organisation, please reach out to our team.

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