Acute diagnostic services

Successfully manage your waiting lists, staffing shortages and fluctuations in service demand with a fully integrated solution.

Our CQC registered, clinician-led services improve patient flow across the system, flexing around your workforce and using your existing resources and equipment to maximise service impact from day one. 

Cardiac investigation services

Xyla is one of the largest cardiac investigation service providers in the UK. Operating as a fully managed service, Xyla offers specialised onsite integrated echocardiography and ambulatory ECG analysis services, catering to NHS and private hospitals across the UK.  

You can trust your patients are in good hands as our cardiac investigation services are aligned with British Society of Echocardiography guidelines. With a capacity range from 20 to 600+ patients per month, we provide expert investigations, including adult transthoracic echocardiography and advanced echocardiography, along with ambulatory ECG analysis using Spacelabs Sentinel Software. Accredited echocardiographers, permanent and ad-hoc staff, and robust quality assurance measures underscore our commitment to clinical excellence.

General, MSK and vascular ultrasound services

With nationwide coverage and flexible clinic scheduling, we offer fast, secure, and CQC-registered imaging capacity that enhances efficiency and quality within your practice. We are a leading provider of managed ultrasound services, offering general, MSK, non-obstetric, and vascular imaging solutions designed to enhance capacity, efficiency, and quality across the industry.  

Our commitment to adherence to clinical guidelines, qualified staff, and stringent quality management processes ensures reduced waiting times, fewer breached referrals, and optimised resources for complex high-tariff work. This is supported by clinically-led operations and comprehensive quarterly reporting. 

Respiratory, sleep and neurophysiology services

Reduce patient waiting lists and enhance your diagnostic capacity with our specialist-managed neuro, respiratory, and sleep diagnostic services. Our tailored investigations are led by qualified and accredited staff, seamlessly integrating into your local healthcare systems to address workforce pressures, backlogs, and facility availability.  

From respiratory physiology to sleep studies and neurophysiology, our services provide fast and secure diagnostic capacity, reducing waiting times and fewer breached referrals. With strict adherence to clinical guidelines, CQC registration, and robust quality management processes, our clinically-led operations ensure services of the highest standard, supported by comprehensive quarterly reporting against KPIs. 

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