Xyla takes to the road for Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Week 2024

Published 12 June, 2024

Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Week recently took place between 20th and 26th May and is a joint campaign organised by NHS England and Diabetes UK. The campaign seeks to raise awareness of diabetes prevention to patients, medical staff and the government. It is hoped that through the campaign people will better understand the risks of type 2 diabetes and how to prevent it. The theme of this year’s Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Week was calling on political parties across the UK to take action to help more people reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes, creating a healthier future for everyone..

Naomi Jones, Head of Diabetes Services for Xyla said, “It’s vital for everyone to be aware of their risk of type 2 diabetes, a largely preventable condition with serious consequences like loss of sight, limb amputations, and heart disease.” She continued: “Regular blood tests can reveal if someone is diabetic or prediabetic, but many people either don’t get tested regularly or don’t understand their results. Diabetes Prevention Week is a great opportunity to educate people about the condition and reduce its prevalence.”

There are currently estimated to be around four million people in the UK living with type 2 diabetes, with many more living at risk of developing the condition. Xyla is one of the country’s largest providers of programmes which seek to reduce a person’s chance of developing type 2 diabetes: the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme and NHS Type 2 Diabetes Path to Remission Programme. As part of Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Week, Xyla staff across the country travelled far and wide to raise awareness of the risks of diabetes, in the hope that fewer people will go on to develop the condition in the future.

In Gloucestershire we set up stands in Boots in both Gloucester and Cirencester. Members of the public and pharmacy staff were keen to learn more about reducing diabetes, with Boots staff leaving the stand committed to doing all they could to help reduce the number of people developing the condition.

In North East Essex we spoke at the 10th Anniversary North East Essex Diabetes Service Conference to doctors, nurses and midwives about the importance of ensuring those with a history of gestational diabetes were given access to the programmes that would help them reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

In Plymouth we held ‘Know Your Risk’ events which gave patients the chance to find out how likely it was that they would develop type 2 diabetes. We spoke to those at higher risk about their next steps to take in order to reduce that risk.

In Hampshire several Xyla Showcase events were held throughout the week including at Tesco Extra in Fratton, whilst in Coventry we attended health events aimed at asylum seekers and the homeless. As well as these face-to-face events we took part in across the country, we also held daily online ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions for NHS staff to find out more about our life-changing programmes.

All the events were a great success and saw people across the country finding out more about type 2 Diabetes and how to prevent it.

This week (June 10th – 16th) is Diabetes Awareness week, so we are off out and about again to continue working hard to educate everyone about type 2 diabetes and the leading diabetes support programmes we offer. The theme this week is the importance of getting the regular check ups that are a vital part of routine NHS treatment for the condition, to ensure those with the condition can stay healthy and live life to the fullest. Find out more about these important check ups here.

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