Our Children’s Services’ model of support

Published 04 April, 2024

At Xyla, we cannot recall a time when pressure on the system has been so acute. Our sector is populated by brilliant, committed social workers, but there are not enough to address normal demand levels, which are now being exacerbated by Covid-19.

Since schools returned on the 8th March, we have noticed a further demand for Children’s Services. We have spoken with many Local Authorities across the country who anticipated the spike in demand, given the rise in referrals that occurred after the first national lockdown ended. Some Local Authorities have looked to increase their resourcing by outsourcing agency staff. However, they have experienced difficulties in recruiting, training and managing this type of resource. At the same time, they have found it challenging to recruit enough high-quality social workers in their area and, we wanted to reach out with an alternative model of support, which you may not have heard about or considered before.

Our teams at Xyla can be on the ground within 2 to 3 weeks to support you in the areas needed the most, be that in MASH, Duty & Assessment, CIN, CP, CLA etc. We are a fully managed service that works as an additional, yet self-sufficient, resource in your children’s services department and overseen by our Head of Children’s Service – Martin Murphy. We provide fully transparent performance reporting back to Local Authorities. Our complete services offer ensures that quality is maintained and individual Local Authority’s KPIs are met or exceeded, in addition to the provision of social workers, team managers and any other resource required.

Xyla has completed 25 Children’s projects, successfully managing over 6,500 cases. We’ve recently finished a Midlands project; our services were embedded within their service for 14 months and supported over 500 children and their families. Our Children’s Services are available across the UK and Wales.

Get in touch, if you want to learn more about our Children’s Services at info@xylahealthsocial.com

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