Introducing Xyla: Transforming healthcare delivery across the UK

Published 06 June, 2024

Five leading healthcare service providers have united to form Xyla, the UK’s first fully integrated healthcare solutions. Xyla is poised to transform the healthcare landscape, providing specialist services at every stage of the healthcare journey, whether in hospitals or within our communities.

The merge comes amid unprecedented demand and mounting pressure on the NHS due to challenges such as post-pandemic waiting lists, hospital capacity strains, and critical staff shortages.

As of March 2024, NHS England waiting lists exceed over 7.5 million, a staggering number that continues to challenge the healthcare system. Despite a month-on-month decrease since October 2023, this figure remains nearly 3 million pathways larger than pre-pandemic levels.

Xyla’s new integrated solution introduces intelligent patient flow and prevention services, designed to reduce unnecessary hospital visits and improve access to care. By seamlessly connecting services across hospitals, homes, communities, and virtual platforms, Xyla ensures more effective healthcare journeys and greater sustainability for our healthcare system.

This comprehensive solution combines the expertise of Xyla Digital Therapies, Xyla Health & Wellbeing, Xyla Health & Social Services, Xyla Elective Care, and CHS Healthcare. These previously independent and renowned service providers are now unified and remain part of Acacium Group, the UK’s largest healthcare solutions partner.

Sunna Van Loo, Xyla’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “We must recognise that health, social, and private providers need to collaborate with the NHS to achieve long-term success in addressing waiting lists, patient overflow, and staff shortages. By integrating our services, Xyla is uniquely positioned to enhance accessibility, relieve pressure on resources, and improve healthcare outcomes.”

Sunna continued, “As the UK’s first integrated healthcare solution, we are driven by a singular promise: to improve lives and ease demand on the healthcare system. With our combined capabilities, we look forward to strengthening our long-standing partnerships and providing an efficient and effective solution for the extraordinary demand on the nation’s healthcare system.”

Xyla, proudly part of Acacium Group, has worked closely with the NHS for over 25 years, delivering services in over 55 local authorities, NHS trusts and ICBs. In 2023, Xyla facilitated care for over 500,000 patients seen or triaged across clinical care service lines and remained the largest independent service provider of NHS Continuing Healthcare services in England.

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